Vitamin K

We purchased a tincture of K-Quinone, which is oral vitamin K [completely from nature: extracted from alfalfa, nettles & green tea, & olive]. It is an option for assisting with blood clotting [one drop on the tongue at 1, 7, & 28 days old], & helps to limit internal bleeding in case of the baby getting bruised by having a rough trip down the birth canal. However, if not needed, we’ve decided not to administer vitamin K at all unless it’s a life-threatening situation.


Our personal choice was to not leisurely consider the injection. The shot is made up of harmful substances [much like most vaccines] & includes coal tar, petroleum used as brake fluid, & antifreeze…the common injectable dosage is also too much synthetic vitamin K for our newborn. The body starts producing vitamin K by the end of the 1st week of life…so assuming baby’s healthy, we’d like to give baby’s body time to create it naturally.