Visiting Rwanda

I went to Rwanda for a training & it was an amazing experience. I also had some really good grub & other than being a dedicated foodie in my spare time, the trip was life-changing. The people are so humble…although the atmosphere was really subtle & quiet since the Genocide. There was an unspoken emotion; especially regarding the children who were killed in 1994. Visiting the Genocide Memorial was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And there are co-workers in the Rwanda office who lost their entire families to the genocide. So one can imagine how we have to be very careful of the words we speak…especially when talking about our own families, etc. Visiting the burial of 1/4 of the bodies as well as seeing the stained cloths of those who were slaughtered stirred a misunderstanding & anger in my spirit. Mainly because all of this happened while the world watched…

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