Travel FAQs

We’ve only experienced a dent in the globe (only 15% of the world thusfar) but are so blessed at the numerous opportunities to immerse in culture, professional experiences, and continued learning…then as a couple, and now as a family: parents of toddlers. We’ve had many positive experiences and many not-so-positive experiences, but that’s a part of growth: anything that challenges our comfort zone can really aid us in becoming more mature individuals. It’s definitely a journey and we feel a sense of freedom living abroad. We’ve done travel, work, and volunteer experiences to many different countries in Africa, as well as the countries of Guatemala, China, India, and Haiti. Below are the frequently asked questions we receive in regards to global travel and we hope our input is helpful. Feel free to contact us. Be blessed.

2018 Travel so far: Côte d’Ivoire ✓, Ghana Senegal ✓, Sierra Leone 

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