Jobs Abroad

We provide two decades of career services experience from the millennial, passion-focused, and big picture perspective – as well as ample travel experiences. Whether it be for your plan to move abroad for a new job opportunity, and/or needing assistance with your resume in preparation for an international post, we’ve been quite successful in such pursuits! We’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and look forward to helping you (serious requests only).

Planning a Career Move Overseas ($200 USD)

  • One-hour consultation to learn about your needs
  • Personalized, well-documented advice packet on how to prepare for your move abroad due to your unique necessities, current vs. expected status, characteristics, expectations, and competency level(s)
  • Employment recommendations and contacts per your field
  • Research and advice on immigration standards and/or business registration
  • Unlimited email support while on your planning journey

We are well-positioned and confident in providing consultative services for those wishing to become global citizens!

Resume Re-vamp for International Work ($125 USD)

  • Resume edits and a thorough revamping while considering the
  • Formatting and focus on your industry’s and global preferences
  • Personalized cover letter per your field and country-specific requirements
  • Two revisions, as-needed
  • Unlimited email support while on your planning journey
  • Review and edits of your LinkedIn profile specific to global career standards

Our goal is to provide proven enhancement advice to better prepare you for increased networking opportunities globally!

Please Contact us with your request(s). Thank you.