Edit & Print

In conjunction with my (Dr. Adrienne’s) other company, perDraft Editorial Services, I can assist you in publishing your masterpiece! And, you will keep 100% of all of your royalties! Whether for a traditional novel or a non-fiction book, customized packages are offered which include the following in the pre-print phase (packages start at $799):

Cover Design
Beta Reading
Social Marketing
ISBN registration
Quality Assurance
Developmental editing
Sound engineer editing
Website Creation & SEO
Narration for Audiobooks

Library of Congress Registration

For more details, visit perDraft Editorial Services to receive a free consultation and a quote (serious inquiries only). Your project will transition to our publishing brand, Life’s Humble Hunt®Prints, in the final step upon completion, printing, and upkeep of your special creation(s) at no additional cost! And again, you keep 100% of all your book royalties. Let me help you get your vision finished, published, & marketed to the world!

Please Contact us with your request(s). Thank you.