We have 20+ collective years of career services experience from the millennial and new-age perspective. Having had career experiences at companies and organizations like American Express, IBM, Dell, CDC, USAID, and now NGOs (non-government organizations), we continue to provide expert advice to clients. As a Director of Operations (he) and Health Informatics Scientist (she), we hold corporate leadership positions and are also the founders of a new age, cultivating, global informatics firm: Cultivatics, Inc. Whether it be for your plan to move abroad for a new job opportunity, and/or needing assistance with your resume, we’ve been quite successful in such pursuits and look forward to helping you with your goals (serious requests only).

Planning to Move Overseas

Basic: One-hour consultation with advice on how to prepare for your move abroad due to your unique necessities, current vs. expected status, characteristics, expectations, and competency level(s): $100 USD

Classic: Basic Option + Employment recommendations and contacts per your field (note focus fields below) + Assistance with researching immigration standards and/or business registration: $200 USD

For those seeking employment abroad: Our focus areas are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, healthcare, operations, and service industries. Note: We do not accept clients in academia, education, nor finance sectors. Having had 15 years of international work (both) and almost 30 years of global exposure (she), we are well-positioned and confident in providing consultative services for those wishing to become global citizens. See testimonies from former clients.

Resume Re-vamp

Basic: Resume edits and a thorough revamping and formulating (three-day turnaround time after receipt of your resume – Guaranteed): $100 USD

Classic: Basic Option + Thirty-minute consultation to review recommended changes + Agreed-upon revisions implemented: $200 USD (Bonus: Review of your LinkedIn profile and enhancement advice to better prepare you for increased networking opportunities).

Reviews: Hospitality & Attractions

While we do have full-time out-of-the-home careers, we would still be delighted to do a travel-related review for you. Whether it’s visiting a local business or marketplace, staying in a particular hotel, or eating at a chosen restaurant. Please reach out to us if you’d like for us to do a review in our current country or another: Costs Covered by Requestor

Global Offerings