We have 20+ collective years of career services experience from the millennial and new-age perspective. Having had career experiences at companies and organizations like American Express, IBM, Dell, CDC, USAID, and now NGOs (non-government organizations), we continue to provide expert advice to clients. As a Director of Operations (he) and Health Informatics Scientist (she), we hold corporate leadership positions and are also the founders of a new age, cultivating, global informatics firm: Cultivatics, Inc. Whether it be moving abroad for a new job opportunity, and/or needing assistance with your resume, we’ve been quite successful in such pursuits and look forward to helping you with your goals.

Our focus areas are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, healthcare, operations, and service industries. Note: We do not accept clients in academia, education, nor finance sectors. Having had 15 years of international work (both) and almost 30 years of global exposure (she), we are well-positioned and confident in providing consultative services for those wishing to become global citizens. See testimonies from former clients.

Planning to Move Abroad

One-hour consultation with advice on how to prepare for your move abroad due to your unique needs, characteristics, expectations, and competency level(s): $200 USD

Resume Re-vamp

Basic: Resume edits and a thorough revamping and formulating (three-day turnaround time after receipt of your resume – Guaranteed): $100 USD

Classic: Basic Option + a thirty minute consultation to review recommended changes + Agreed-upon revisions implemented: $175 USD (Bonus: Review of your LinkedIn profile and enhancement advice to better prepare you for increased networking opportunities).

Global Offerings