The BEST Crayons for Small Hands

LRG_DSC02737We purchased these GiBot Finger Crayons for our toddlers because they have so many benefits. They are non-toxic, are thick and do not break easily like regular crayons, and are so easy for little hands to grip and enjoy. All the main colors are included too! Our boys love these and we highly recommend them. So far, we haven’t found any negatives about these at all.


Just a quick wipe cleans the mark off of walls and floors. They do not stain and because of the texture, our children haven’t even tried to put them in their mouths…they feel more like a firm toy than a crayon. They have had these for months and the crayons still look the same way! It’s also easy to travel with since the box is only 5 inches wide. Best wishes and do let us know if you’ve tried this crayon or any others that have served your children well.