Knowledge in Blogging, etc.

I’ve been blogging privately for over 10yrs on different platforms (first blogspot, blogger, home-grown, html, godaddy, and now google domains/ but I never knew that people did such for a living until recently. We’ve just always enjoyed keeping our folks up-to-date on our lives, pregnancy journeys, natural living attempts, etc. Now that we are taking it more seriously, we are sharing our journey via Youtube and social media. We had no idea that it’s a bit lot harder than it looks! While doing such, there is so much to learn, and as life-long learners, we’ve also researched ways to learn more about this domain. It’s a great outlet for us as we balance life (& why not add something new to our plates?).
We invested in an Affiliate Marketing course and are on the verge for a great SEO (search engine optimization) course and have just updated to the business plan so that everything is done at a one-stop-shop (fun to use my skills in html, css, and other coding streams too). Who knows what can come of this, but we are now doing it for fun and to inspire others. But we definitely won’t object to making a few bucks on this journey and are appreciative to all of our new mentors. We hope to blog more and thank you for your support during our transition.