Kenya Airways Discrimination

This is the 2nd time I’ve had a complaint towards Kenya Airways. Today, my husband pressed the “help” button fon our flight from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Monrovia, Liberia and a flight attendant by the name of Davinia passed by, ignored it, passed by again, looked at the light/looked at my husband, and kept walking. The next time she passed by, I asked her if she sees that our light is on for help and she replied that “It’s only a 40 minute flight and there are only two of us.” She would not have dared said that to a white customer. I then said “well, are you going to help us?” and she said “I’m here now” as if we should be thankful that she went out of her way to come over to us…as if we owed her something. We proceeded in ignoring her and her ill-spirit. She had the absolute nastiest attitude. Upon de-boarding, my husband spoke with the flight supervisor and explained our issue.

The flight supervisor immediately knew which flight attendant we were complaining about (which is sad, too). We were traveling with two toddlers (2 and 3) and I have a disability. We were not helped at all during the flight, especially after having been told that us pressing the light was an inconvenience. She never even helped or genuinely cared to know what we needed. But it was evident that this was her regular demeanor. I immediately wrote to Kenya Airways complaint management, the SkyTeam, and Kenya Airways’ CEO and COO requesting remedies for such discriminatory service. This is happening way too often…

Your experience?