Homemade Deodorant

Today, I made “his and her” underarm deodorant. For his, a bit more coconut oil and baking powder was used, as well as a couple extra drops of essential oils. This took 10 minutes and we are excited about the way it feels…as well as the ingredients: Baking powder, lemon juice, coconut oil, essential oils (used lemongrass and eucalyptus):

No measurements were done, but it was mixed until a firm, yet whipped, consistency. This will be applied via fingers since it’s in a small container…or we could have used one of our old commercial deodorant containers. We’ve been discussing this for years, especially & wasn’t until lately that I realized we are late to the game at making our own once we realized that aluminum is the first ingredient in almost all commercial non-natural deodorants. We took a look at ours (his- Degree® and hers- Dove®) and yes, tis true. When we know better, we aim to do better. We also know that increased toxic metals in the body causes blood imbalances, threatens organ functionality, and causes cancer(s). Very excited about seeing how this goes and having control over what goes into it.