Starting your own business is a fantastic idea for sustainable living, complete ownership over your craft, & flexibility (among other benefits). We prefer a hybrid approach to having both traditional careers & our own businesses that can be done from anywhere in the world (don’t forget to register any business(es) officially before you relocate & that you still will still be liable to U.S. taxes, if applicable). Having traveled around the globe, opportunities for entrepreneurship are endless. Your skills are, indeed, needed!

Our brands as CEO & Founder include are:

businesslogosPostheartum™ | integrative medicine, palliative & life care
Cultivatics, Inc.™ | digital health systems, medical administration
Oryx Fit Africa™ | elite competitive training, health & wellness, safety
perDraft™ | medical, technical, & scientific writing, publishing, & edits
Life’s Humble Hunt® | life in Africa, careers abroad, & planning services