We have 20+ collective years of career services experience from the millennial and new-age perspective. Having held roles at companies and organizations like American Express, IBM, Dell, CDC, USAID, and international NGOs, we have always enjoyed mentoring others and giving our view on how to best plan for career success. We are in operations and informatics domain, have experience in leadership positions globally. We try our best to remain humble (yet logical and realistic) in our approach to providing career advice after having been through changes such as job transitions, denial of training opportunities, promotions and promotional denials, raises, pay-cuts, workplace discrimination, stereotyping & bullying, having mentors, being mentors, etc. We’ve also had some fantastic experiences growing our skills, showing leadership and strategic direction, and working in great teams at home in the U.S. Yet, abroad we’ve even learned even more from the international perspective.

While we are definitely not advocates for any particular Back to Africa movements nor recommend people doing what we did unless their ducks are in a row and the commitment is there (i.e., selling everything and moving with two babies – although it worked out for us), we are just advocates for people living towards their goals and dreams. It is a great benefit for us to experience our true home (Africa) though.

We truly hope the advice and resources we provide are useful to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll do our best to respond or post the answer here or reply to you directly.

Remember that rejection is evident. Disappointment is going to happen. But in the end, the stars align. Somewhere, somehow, the efforts will still be worth it one day when all of it manifests into existence. Stay encouraged. Living abroad removes us from our comfort zones and allows us to experience something outside of our ordinary routine. In fact, it also bridges discernment and awareness. While the experience is different for everyone, we are so blessed to have this experience with our third-culture kids. It’s an opportunity we wished to nurture and was in the paths for us. Trust your spirit on what’s best for you and yours – have faith. You’ll be guided. As we always say, faith + planning + faith + execution + faith is a great formula for pressing forward.

Best wishes.