Career Consult

Africa has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, so (of course) jobs do exist here that pay first-world salaries, or even daily rates if a contracted consultant. There are some who do prefer more traditional paths when it comes to how one makes a living. We are well-positioned and confident in providing international consultations to assist you in reaching your career goal abroad, whether it be in Africa or another location (serious requests only)! We have proven success in our own careers where we have worked abroad as employees or contractors of the U.S. federal government, NGOs, social enterprises, & with our own companies.



Consultation for a Career Move

  • One-hour consultation to learn about your preferences
  • Personalized document of recommendations to prepare for your move:
    • Your unique necessities
    • Current vs. expected status
    • Characteristics & travel history
    • Competency level(s) & readiness
  • Employment recommendations & contacts per your field (if available)
  • Email support while planning
  • Research and advice on immigration and/or business registration

Please contact us with your request(s). Thank you.