Burning Sage


When living in a new space, we believe in burning sage to clear the atmosphere. That could mean clearing from spirits or just from an environment of discomfort, etc. Burning sage helps in healing and removing the atmosphere of negative energy. We highly recommend it if you are in an environment where you do not feel at ease, anxious, depressed, or if you are allowing people into your space and something seems off about them. Since we live abroad with many different cultures, we’ve often dealt with this – particularly when having domestic staff (i.e., housekeeper, nanny, etc.) who are in the private areas of our home and with our most prized blessings (our children). Everyone carries secrets, inner workings, etc. and regardless of ethical or spiritual basis, anything not sound should be eliminated. This is somewhat synonymous to when Grandmama used to oil doors to bless the room, or oil a person’s forehead to bless them.