Top FIVE 2018 Visions

1) What countries are we planning to visit?

Côte d’Ivoire (Jan ✓), Ghana (Jan ✓), Senegal (Feb ✓), & Dubai (Oct)

2) What debt do we have & how/when are we paying it off? 

We started changing our mindset a few years ago when we realized that debt is a form of slavery. Financial freedom one of the freedoms we wish to experience.  We never stuck to it, though. We became more focused in early 2017 & have made mounds of progress since then, especially after having realized that with both of us each making six-figure salaries, we really should have no debt at all, but we were irresponsible and splurged with our cash & borrowed for things that we really should not have borrowed for – this is a generational curse that must be BROKEN. A financial expert once said that “…if you cannot pay cash, you cannot afford it.” We became firm believers of that in 2017 when we took a look at our credit cards and student loans. Our payoffs started some time ago, & in the end, we are on a journey to financial freedom! This definitely requires focus and discipline…& also because our children deserve to learn proper money-management at a young age.

3) How can we improve at disciplining & teaching our children?

We do not believe in spanking…because (well, for our children), it does not work…and we don’t understand how hitting a child and then teaching them not to hit others is not an oxymoron. So we are learning to be more patient & direct them to sharing their feelings better. The toddler tantrums are real, but it’s only a phase & we are learning to stay aware throught it. It’s a process in-progress!

4) What are we doing to improve upon ourselves individually? 

These are things to work on each day we are blessed to see a new day, but over a year, it can make a world of difference with consistency.

Her: Drinking more water, reading more, improving upon being a wife & mama, self-publishing my first book!, embracing life’s experiences and living in the moment

Him: Praying with my wife & boys more

5) Do we have any career & educational life-long learning focuses?

Her: Immersing in learning more about my cultural background (ethnicity-wise) and impoving in my current profession as I also induldge in other health informatics consulting opportunities.

Him: Really kick off my Oryx Fit brand and complete five more classes towards my master’s degree (which has been/will continue to be cash paid!).