Alternative to Group B strep Testing

…opted out of the Group B streptococcus [GBS] screening, so there are a few natural options I’ve started just in case I do have it at birth. I’ll be alternating between remedies such as: vaginal rinses a few times a day (warm water & lavender essential oil in a spray bottle: lavender kills Group B strep if it exists), ingesting 1-2tsp of collodial silver per day (silver is an amazingly powerful natural antibiotic), taking echinacea tincture (which is what our family will use anyway for immunity boosts), & eating greek yogurt more regularly…will probably also swallow 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic per day, a couple times a week as well:


GBS is a bacteria that exists in about 25% of healthy adult women & can be passed to baby during delivery, resulting in pneumonia, meningitis, &/or blood poisoning. However, these outcomes are worst-case scenarios & are very rare. And after researching, I found that just because a woman tests positive at 35-37 weeks pregnant does not mean she will be positive at the time of birth…& just because a woman tests negative at 35-37 pregnant does not mean she will be negative at the time of birth…the existence of the bacteria can vary by day, thus screening weeks in advance is unnecessary, in my opinion. So we opted out of screening.