A glimpse of our Home Birth Space

Earlier this year, we had our flooring renovated upstairs, which was my excuse to pretty much give most of our décor, books, small furniture, extra bedding to charity: you name it, I cleared it out.


Our bedroom remains furnished, but now with no real decorations other than curtains, so it was perfect timing to make it into a very simple affirmation sanctuary for the time being.


Our created birth shrine has photos of us, incense, candles, items from our wedding, my yoga balls, our midwife’s supplies, & cultural artifacts: a space of positivity where we can relax, focus, & trust in God to let my body work…


Our mental awareness is being heightened as this journey moves forward towards our homebirth. We hope to use our tub for labor &/or birth if baby instructs us to, which is also surrounded by several candles & I may place some fresh fruit around the tub as well.


If God has other plans, at least we’ll have a special-made, serene, nurturing environment to bring our baby back to since we’ve decided to co-sleep [although, not bed-share] for a while.