Homemade Vegan Black Soap Wash

…been making black soap body-wash/shampoo for the last 13 years and it wasn’t until recently that (ironically) my neck (though not my face, scalp, nor the rest of my body) became sensitive to it. Thankfully, it still does wonders for my hair and our princes’ hair as well – I make enough to last a month (only make what you need or it will mold over time if unused). To make, I crumbled soap purchased at the local Liberian market, added to a bottle that still had a bit of oil left in it, and added hot water (elevated temperature is a must). So that it can thicken, let the mixture sit for 48 hours, add a few drops of lavender (or whatever your essential oil of choice is), pour into a spray bottle, and voila – it can be used as a body-wash or shampoo. No chemicals and all-natural, and unlike most commercial soaps, it’s completely plant-based/vegan.