Natural Strides & Metal Detox

As a family, we’ve really been making strides to maintain, establish, and consider better habits for our food intake, daily routines, and improve upon some generational topics that we’ve just grown complacent at. While crunchy things like unmedicated birthing, no vaccinations, no circumcisions, the need for human breastmilk or a non-dairy alternative, embracing our children’s placentas, pre-pregnancy & continued womb healing, desires to homebirth, attachment parenting, etc. were never topics of major decisions to be made due to our research and conscience – these were best for our  dynamic; however, nutritional and cosmetic habits have been the most challenging. Such is a consistent journey we are dedicated to improving upon.
I started drinking water at 30. I taught myself to love water by surrounding myself with people who enjoyed it (like my husband), getting a new favorite water bottle (a gift from my dad – with such a purpose likely unbeknownst to him) and by becoming honest with myself about the need. I also wanted my (then) future children to grow up loving it too. I feel obligated for them not to just transition into the same unhealthy habits I did, because I now know better. As of late, I’ve really paid attention to the research coming out about the metals we put in our bodies, and especially places like under our arms. I decided to do a detox from my conventional deodorant (so that I can successfully transition to my natural deodorant – and even use the homemade one I created). While doing so, my neck, lips, right eye lid, and under my arms severely broke out – the metals began releasing from my body and I was rashed from day five until day eleven – then it cleared up. It’s amazing that during this time, my body began to feel more pure. I am also believing that detoxing and an improved holistic lifestyle can continue to keep my MS symptoms subsided.
The most exotic part of this process is that while I could see what was happening, I can actually feel the difference. It freaked me out, but I knew it was all for the best. Water, essential oils, and my newest bentonite clay will assist me in continuing my detox when, and as, needed. I will also use it on the children’s hair & my husband will use it for healing as well.IMG_3118
This month, we also switched to these natural bamboo toothbrushes and so far, so good. Our next stop is to transition to natural toothpaste as, like many deodorants, we haven’t been reading the best info about commercial options.IMG_3108
While I am a St. Ives fanatic, as it has aided in moisturizing and clearing my skin very well and it’s not very harsh…I am on the lookout for local natural remedies for skincare maintenance though. For our hair, we use a homemade spritz of water and essential oils, local (fresh) shea butter, natural black soap, and oils only.
Any opportunity to continue limiting plastics and toxins are small steps at improved living and it feels promising. We even switched out a lot of the children’s toys and we no longer eat food that is not made with fresh ingredients (with the exception of when we have access to some snacks that we miss from home). It really takes discipline and we absolutely had to add a few more folks to our holistic village to help us learn and remain accountable to our goals. But again, we are also wanting to do better on this journey, and what better place to keep improving than Mother Africa.