Dear U.S. Passport

I never really paid attention to the “months remaining” requirement that many countries have for those carrying U.S. passports. Usually, some countries require that your passport not expire within three-to-six months of your visit. Well, my passport expires in April 2019, which means that I won’t be able to travel to some countries on this passport after October 2018. Such was important for me to pay attention to sooner than later. With upcoming travel, I had to visit the embassy to go ahead and put in for my passport renewal. This renewal results in my 5th passport as I’ve already had four (…childhood, college, adult renewal, diplomatic passport).
My husband took my passport photo at home (we’ve always taken our own & recommend it) and just got it printed locally, I filled-out & printed the application online, and proceeded with my appointment at the U.S. Embassy’s Consular’s Office after waiting a month for an appointment…Once at my appointment, my application items were e-sent to D.C. and my new passport and passport card were due to arrive back here in Liberia within two weeks. The passport came by day ten and upon pick-up from the embassy, they hole-punched my former passport (usual practice) but I’ll still need to use it for a bit as it still has an active visa in it.
This time, I got the 52-page passport since this current passport only had enough pages for just a couple more trips anyway. And I also renewed my passport card (highly recommend folks get one if you don’t have one…there are many benefits for having one and it serves as an extra federal ID card). Albeit, I’ll save my experience at the U.S. Embassy in Liberia for a verbal conversation…let’s just say they are not reachable by phone and if something goes down, we will surely fend for ourselves (who really trusts our U.S. government to do that for them anyway?). It doesn’t compare to the availability we experienced in Malawi, even though the racism of the Americans in Malawi was similar to what we see daily from the current administration its under…Here, that wasn’t the issue – it’s just that the disorganization leaves much to be desired…Anyway, I hope to be blessed to do even more travel over this next decade with my new booklet, God-willing.