Liberian Pepper Sauce: Wow

Until one has had Liberian pepper sauce, they probably have never had a real hot sauce. As a lover and life-long advocate for Texas Pete and Louisiana brands in the past, we must admit that we’ll never view those as the same ever again…ever. It reminds us of how we would not order Chinese food in the USA after having visited China…because there was no comparison to the real thing. Dear Liberia – your pepper sauce is all truth. IMG_2480
He is from earth with natural hues of nature, cleans our sinuses, has even our toddlers loving the fresh spiciness of its glory, is completely homemade, and a small bit goes great with almost any dish. The fresh oils and different peppers is on a whole ‘nother natural enticement than the crushed red peppers and commercial hot sauce that we had been accustomed to. We’ve got to learn how to make you ourselves, but in the meantime, we get it made for us and we enjoy you so!


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