Anniversary Trip Planning

Our 10th wedding anniversary is less than three months away, God-willing. Wow. Wanting to do something extra special this year, we decided that we’ll head away from the continent of Africa to celebrate. We also decided that, for the first time ever, we’ll do so during the Christmas holiday. If you know us, the you know that we do things like this in the off-season, but this year, we decided to get out of our comfort zone in this way too. We’re sure it’ll be exhausting, but there’s got to be something exciting about the holiday rush, crowds cheer, & folks being in annoyed festive spirits, right? haha

arabian-architecture-building-460441.jpgWe’re booked to go to one of the United Arab Emirates. Planning was pretty delusional easy and went something like the usual: determine our budget, figure out dates, choose a few locations, stalk flights, over-think, narrow down the list, over-think, consider other locations, overthink, re-stalk flights, discuss a bit more, have a yolo moment, bite the bullet, book
architecture-black-and-white-buildings-804915.jpgOur flights were booked directly through Emirates Airline. We also decided to give ourselves a couple of days in Ghana on each end of the trip since we enjoyed Accra so much earlier this year and we had to stop through their anyway for our connecting flight anyway (this portion was booked through Vayama – be sure to see our deals), so it’s going to be quite a celebratory time all around.desert-dunes-hot-259474.jpgWe just thank God for our union, for our continued growth and committment, and that we are safe and fulfilled during this new experience. While living as expats abroad, we already know that anything is possible, so we are getting a bit better at just going with the flow. Life’s still a journey and such has begun to humble us even more as we aim to live it to the fullest.


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