Inspiration: Oprah’s 5 Minutes

It’s the month of new beginnings and here we have share some inspiration. We absolutely appreciate and respect Oprah. And with her years and years of growth and experience and strife and goals, she is definitely a great idol to relay the message in such a bold and thoughtful way. It’s interesting that time really is changing. It seems as though there was a time where people only measured success in degrees and dollars…whereas, we see success as internal fulfillment – regardless of the goal…or stagnancy. Folks really have to do what works best for them. And as we work towards generational-thinking, we are learning more and more that the key to the significance and vision Oprah is referring to is, in many ways, confidence:

Such will then enable us to want to do well at whatever we envision…one will want to persevere. Unfortunately, as children, we were hardly taught confidence. Maybe when engaged with a sports team or playing in a band or by joining a fraternity or sorority (all appreciated facets of our village), but we weren’t usually taught confidence in the sense that we truly deserve to be fulfilled inside and that we are unique, profound, worthy beings. Maybe religion overshadowed that (…different topic, different day…).

brown-flora-floral-1028930Surrounding oneself with the right people is so crucial. We dream as high as our minds allow us to…the same way we fear as low as our minds allow us to. We are only human, yes. However, the thing is, most people are stuck on fear and for us personally, it impacts our momentum because we truly believe that God wants the best for us all and that anything is possible. But when others don’t have such a drive, it makes that topic of conversation a challenge and we have many let-us-keep-our-journey-to-ourselves moments. In essence, sometimes choosing to love from afar when it comes to topics of goals  – so thankful for faith. We are so excited to live the next several decades of our lives becoming better and better, if God allows us to. And upon such, we want to make it count for the generations to come. What about you? What are you hoping to strive towards that will empower generations to come? Purposeful living is powerful.


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