We’re in the Federal Gazette

We applied for our U.S. Patent & Trademark for Life’s Humble Hunt earlier this year. It’s been a long process! But, one thing we can say is that if you are the type that can follow directions, read between the lines, and are thorough in delivery, we recommend you not hire an attorney. We did not hire an attorney because we knew we’d be able to figure it out thanks to all the helpful information available on the web. So when the assigned patent attorney contacted us last month, we got a tad bit nervous as it finally hit us that maybe we made a mistake somewhere…

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 12.23.28 PM.pngShe asked for clarification on our specimen (logo) and then said it would be published in the Federal Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) in July. Hooray! Now that we are in listed, the world has 30 days to say that this brand belongs to them…if no one comes forward to contest or claim their current ownership of Life’s Humble Hunt based on the TMOG publication, then we will be receiving our certificate and can then, officially, use the ® symbol. This is great for us, as we’ve been asked to develop content and documentation for other brands as collaborative efforts, and we hope to publish a book very soon. This hobby is something we enjoy, but it has started to provide a platform for some business opportunities as well. And even though we’ve decided to limit our presence on some social media platforms, we are just having some figuring out where this will lead and appreciate those who do support us and have subscribed. In the meantime, we’re almost officially official.


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