Serene Sierra Leone Getaway

One of the trips we’ve taken this year was to Freetown, Sierra Leone. In short, our princes wanted to see chimpanzees and we wanted to experience the history of the Cotton Tree and see where the mudslides happened last year (that unfortunately claimed over 1,000 lives) so that’s where we went for a long weekend (in April). It was definitely a nice getaway and we used several of our favorite sites to easily plan and book our trip. Thankfully, there is a Republic of Sierra Leone Embassy here in Liberia, so it only took a two days to get our visas (we dropped off our passports, fees, copy of our hotel booking, application form, and extra passport-sized photos…for each person…that’s the usual process for obtaining visas). Here are some pics of our trip:

The flight was only 50 minutes on Kenya Airways/SkyTeam but it still took us five hours to arrive from the time we left home: a 1 hour drive to the airport, check-in and boarding for 1 hour, flight time and immigration upon landing was 1 hour, loading a bus/waiting on a boat/loading the boat was 1 hour, and then a 35-minute boat ride and car pickup to get us to our destination. We stayed at the Atlantis Lumley after finding a great deal on a suite which was very very nice. They accommodated us, had fantastic food, & was right on the beach. The sunsets were breathtaking, there were many activities for the children and cultural sites to see. Sierra Leone reminds us of the Caribbean. There are many Rastas and exotic, islander-type Africans which was lovely too. We are very happy we went while we are on this side of town…even after all the stories adults told us about traveling with children on such an interesting journey (i.e., it takes a flight, bus, boat, & car to get there haha). The good times are what we live for and this was a memorable one. 


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