Car Wreck: Nine Months Later

I was taking the boys to camp last summer when we were in the states, and upon dropping them off, I was at a stand-still in traffic when someone rear-ended me. The ambulance, firemen, and police arrived almost immediately. I was assessed and asked if I needed to go to the local hospital, so I called my husband so that he could come get me and I proceeded to go get checked out (for peace of mind). When I arrived, I got a chest x-ray, head & neck scans, & labs taken. The main concern was that I was not actively having any chronic symptoms that weren’t a part of my existing new normal, but upon impact, I immediately felt flaring that I hadn’t felt before. When people have multiple sclerosis, they are aware of the difference between whiplash and numbing neck pain that tingled enough to wake up prior flare symptoms. 


When we left the hospital, I just rested (we were due to leave for Liberia in nine days….uggghhh). Since we don’t own a car in the states, the car I was driving during the incident was a rental car. Thankfully, there was minimal damage to it…and our car insurance and health insurance paid for my medical bills immediately (we are on our U.S. insurance’s tourist/expat plan that covers you when you visit the states, thank God). However, I started thinking about the long-term outlook of this possibly newly-induced flare, should it continue.


So I obtained an attorney who is a very close friend of our family. His firm is great and I’m so glad to have trusted him in providing professional legal services to me. Even though the process ended up taking nine months to finalize everything (it flew by, though), I remained patient and let him and his office do their job. It was a team effort and it’s a blessing to be at the end of the road (no pun intended) for an anticipated, yet ironically still unexpected, situation that gives me closure. Even at the time of this occurrence, this bump in the back sent my anxiety through the roof. I could not imagine having been in a severe accident and feel so blessed that this was as minor as it was. Overall, I am so very thankful.


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