(Re)conditioning the Mind

Truth is, we all spend time on what we wish to spend time on; as we should. But as we are getting closer to that point in life where we are realizing (more and more) how valuable our time is, and how we should best utilize it, our perspective is changing. Personally, we’ve been talking so much lately about just living. About being. Many examples before us have been that of strife, and we’ve experienced our own lessons, but we don’t have many examples of true happiness. Historically, is it okay for us to even learn how to be happy? And we almost felt guilty when deciding that it’s what is most important for us to pursue as we can spend our entire lives making excuses, being angry, not forgiving, not learning how to love, and all the while – live will pass us by. We need to be such examples for our individual souls, or else, wish to be such for our children’s sake at the least.


The phenomenon of doing everything traditionally is not a tested truth in outcome nor results management. It’s not a use case or blueprint for what will work for everyone. In our lives, we’ve seen examples of living life that do not resonate with what’s best for us in-the-now. No vision. Gossip. Living through Others. Not prioritizing. Manipulation. Limited support. Looking for a handout. Excuses. etc.  It’s depressing to think about and it’s unfortunate to even need to discuss. But it’s reality and it’s caused so many people to question their own existence while living life through routine and obligation instead of living life because it’s meant to be enjoyed and lived.


Our views aren’t always from a professional perspective. They aren’t even usually from a parental perspective. But the world will make you think that if it’s not titled, then it can’t truly be valid. We realized that the best perspective for us to practice is that of common sense and doing the right thing. When we operate out of sympathy, routine, fear, perceived obligation, turning the blind eye, staying in our lanes, and just ignoring what’s right in front of us, we become a part of these habits that are embedded as ways to program us…which impacts our living of life. It is our hope and prayer that our people wake up from the bondage that we self-impose and that we continue to allow through our genealogy. We often remain silent when we should speak. We condone internal demons, debt, addictions, faking the funk, worshipping worldly Gods, secrets, and imagery that’s not aligned with our life’s purpose. And when we do so, we become a part of this exact problem.


We discuss these things all the time and can’t imagine not being an every-improving example for future generations. As we’ve written before, we choose to live and do invite others to as well. We owe it to ourselves and it’s actually a pretty liberating journey. Be at peace, grow in vision, and be the best you that you can be. If we truly are made in God’s image, then that already means that the expectation has been set on our behalf…


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