Remedies: Our Health Abroad

One of the main questions we get about living abroad is about our healthcare options. Truly, there are western-trained providers all over the world haha so we have the same options of clinical expertise that we do back at home. The main difference is that there may not be facilities for certain needs or emergency care that are to the level of expectation that we are used to. But thankfully, we have medevac options through our health insurance just in case we need to go somewhere else for care.


Our oldest had a few ear infections (used garlic tincture to stop them), cradle cap & some facial eczema early on due to dairy in breastmilk, and a couple colds (all as a baby back in the states). He’s had a ringworm that we let run-its-course & then we used tea tree oil on it to finish kill the fungus (abroad). Our youngest has had two stomach bugs and multiple colds (all abroad), some congestion and the HFMD rash (while in daycare last summer back in the states). Daddy has had food poisoning twice abroad and I’ve had no health issues abroad outside of my chronic illness that’s controled by natural living. Thankfully, none of us have any allergies.


We eat many vegetables and drink lots of water and teas. Our children love water and they love their Liberian greens haha. We’ve written about the vitamins we take and the probiotics we give the children. And for many years now, we’ve become fans of chamomile tea and once we had children, we started putting a drop of the tincture into their bottles in the evening to aid in calming. Even though we love the Zarbee’s brand, their gripe water never worked for us at all (our second prince was a colicky baby), so our doula recommended this chamomile tincture and it worked wonders; and it still does. A great night’s rest is so important for┬áremaining healthy. In fact, it’s necessary. This is also a great, natural option to assist with our children winding down in the evenings.


Echinacea is another herbal tincture that we utilize for the immune system and to help combat any colds and kiddie germs internally. We are non-vaxxers and have never even thought about, nor considered, vaccinating thanks to our research and my former job at the CDC. When we know better, we [often-times] do better. Our children’s bodies really do know how to take care of itself (and echinacea is useful for such) and while we have a ways to go with improving our eating habits & finding our exercise routines again, these strides are just as important in helping us to maintain good blood flow, energy levels, etc. We are thankful for good health & strength and look forward to learning about natural remedies utilized in other cultures too.


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