Our People on July 4, 1776

We celebrated the day with time off (not a holiday here in Liberia) and sending the children to camp…yep. It was a relaxing day, yet we couldn’t help but to remember that we were not free on July 4, 1776. Slavery wasn’t abolished until almost 100 years later…so on July 4th, our ancestors were…well, slaving. And being that we’ve dealt with our own experiences in discrimination and attempts at stealing joy (note: no one can take your joy…), it’s such a day that many people don’t even know the history of. The USA is a stolen country where many inhabited before people were stolen from other countries to come improve it. We all know this…


Because we are African-American, Juneteenth is more-so our Independence Day, even though we didn’t learn about this until college. Now with being expats here in Africa, the land in which our roots live, we are even more abreast of the mistreatment of people of color (i.e., brainwashing, stealing, vandalizing, using religion as a crutch, etc.), and it’s consistently evident by what’s going on in the U.S. now – it hasn’t ended and we have a long way to go if it ever does. When will our culture begin to take accountability in not just adjusting, transforming, and accepting what may not be our own truth?


It saddens us, but on the horizon we see more balance and peace in our lives. We’ve disconnected ourselves enough that it’s made us healthier, happier, and more mindful of the life we are truly meant to live. It’s a matter of not wanting to know vs. still caring without knowing…that’s the approach we are beginning to take now. After a couple of weeks of not watching the news (yes, we have all the same news channels on TV here haha…plus theirs the Internet), we realize that all we missed was more negativity and manipulation of lives and humanity. We stay in prayer and do regularly encourage others to spent time wisely…it’s okay to remove yourself from the ways of the world that are not adding to your purpose…if you give yourself permission to… 


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