What are We Up To?

So we were more active on social media for the first half of this year and began meeting so many amazing new people (thank you). We were trying out the world-wide-web lifestyle type thing and as connecting as it was, it really just wasn’t us. We wrote about it a couple of months ago. As if having three & two-year olds is not enough (…trust us, even two babies were an absolute breeze…toddlers are something else!) along with work, we just found more balance with going back to our usual free state.


We also have a tribe and are really going strong at working towards the goals we have for our family and our future, God-willing. We are also really living our lives. So many people are writing us asking where we are and how we are: Thank you so much. My health is good, the king and princes are doing well, and we are continuing to grow in our purpose, challenge ourselves, enjoying new learning opportunities within our careers, and experience all we can. So here’s what we’ve been up to:

Let’s just say that we’ve learned this the hard way haha. In short, we are doing very well (and not in an act-like-everything-is-perfect kind of way…we have no problem with continuing to share the craziness we encounter as expats haha). We’ve learned to keep silent with some of our blessings and experiences. God’s glory. Let’s just say that we all get the same 24-hours in a day. And for us, we want to draw that energy to our family goals, our debt-free journey, traveling more, teaching our children, and building capacity to impact lives through our careers. We thank you so much for wondering how we are and for contacting us.

We are blessed and hope you are too!


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