Cotton Caress: Toddlers Go Potty

So since our oldest was 11/2 (now 31/2), he’s been fascinated with the potty since daddy always let him watch him use it. That’s apparently pretty standard for cloth-diapered babies. However, while he had a few hit wonders, he wasn’t officially ready to potty train learn but we still continued sharing the concept for whenever he was ready. He went with daddy nonstop & soon realized that the potty-on-yourself method was not the way to go. And our youngest, as fate would have it, copies everything big brother does. Peer pressure is the real deal and he wants just as much praise for his attempts and success too: well-deserved and understood. While he also showed interests at 11/2, he is now 21/2 and it’s been a consistently exhausting phenomenal last few weeks really spending such intimate time with them. I should have brought over our cloth trainers (why oh why did I not!)…but instead, they are wearing Pull-ups that work well, but since I’d only cloth diapered them, I had no idea that the chemical smell was so prominent with disposables. It’s really not even as convenient as the world praises them to be, in our honest opinion. Maybe because we only ever used cloth so we didn’t have anything to compare to or maybe because they consistently cost money due to our locale ($25 a pack here in Liberia for only sixteen…thanks to the import costs being so high for the supermarkets…). Every time they put the disposable ones on, it further conditions the bags under my eyes to encourage them even more on this digestive journey. Guilty mama-moment at every single Pull-Ups ‘sposie change. Even daddy says he is glad we are only using these for this  brief transitional time. As always, we have to do what’s best for our family and thankfully we do our research.


I’ve made it a priority to remain consistent as regularly as possible and to watch their liquid intake so that I’ll strategize on when to make the field trip to the toilet. They’ve been doing great with minimal accidents and it’s been fun (note: treats and rewards in the physical form have not been necessary for us…the brother vs. brother peer pressure and lots of verbal praises and hugs work wonderfully). We also got two Babybjörn potties (they are fantastic) before coming here and, well, even though they are great (we definitely recommend it), we never use them because it just doesn’t make much sense to us that we continue these strides at potty training learning, only to switch to a real toilet at some point. So we just have them use the regular potty…definite creativity is required with two competitive, active, & inquisitive princes.


So before arrival to Liberia, we did bring with us these great soft underwear briefs for them and when they wear it, it gives me peace of mind that cotton is once again on the skin of their most intimate part(s). It’s so freeing! No guilt, no chemicals. These briefs wash very well (do not fade nor shrink), are great for fuller thighs, and the boys really want to wear them – definitely the right purchase. Just seeing them run and play with cotton on their booties reminds me of our cloth diaper days that were so very cute and environmentally friendly. The skin is our largest organ…


And without further delay, we wish to announce that they now BOTH pee standing up (at the regular toilet)…albeit, whenever they feel like it – we’ll take that! This is a huge accomplishment, especially since it’s hopefully the start to a new life in manhood. Daddy had been introducing the transition a lot lately and it’s finally starting to click. We are just working on aiming now. Remember that Clorox commercial where the mom was always cleaning up after the boys having a peeing competition…’tis a true story line. I did my best to be a part of this process, but the technique that’s worked best has been them watching their daddy & doing as he does…This mama of boys phenomenon is just getting better & better. Every move in the right direction is an achievement towards sagacity.


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