Liberian “Chicken” & “Fries”

Liberian food is by far the best food we’ve had. We initially thought the amazing spices of Morocco was our favorite, but that’s moved to 2nd place now. Of course, Liberian food is African-American food due to the settlement of freed slaves…but it’s fresher and way more perfectly seasoned and tastier than any food we’ve tasted in the states. We often chuckle at the Zambian proverb: A child that does not travel praises his mother as the best cook.


…guess, we’d add that it definitely depends on where you’ve traveled, but none-the-less, it still rings true. We both will always prefer our mamas’ cooking for the generational and nostalgic benefits, but there is something about the food here that feeds the soul as if the ancestors put their lovin’ on top of it. The spices in this slow roasted chicken (everything is organic here since there are none of the Western benefits of the usual pesticides, gluten, and hormones…) and these bong (cassava or yuca: yam) fries are amazing and we all really love the food on this side of town more than we did when living in Malawi. We’ll honestly never look at chicken the same way again…and these are the best fries we’ve ever had…& are the only ones we’ve had straight from a garden.


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