Lessons in Africa: Love, & Freedom

Our main new year’s resolution this year was to center ourselves with what freedom really means to us. That means outlining our family vision, exploring outside of our comfort zones, paying off debt, and figuring out how to best teach (and discipline) our children. I would say that we have come a long way since January, and look forward to the next six months of continued growth. There’s something about being in Africa that opens our eyes to what truly matters, especially since we can feel the spirits of our ancestors while living on this soil. It’s actually hard to describe, but we welcome it.


With my husband’s dad passing a few years ago, and with father’s day being last week, it continues to be a challenge for us to emotionally stabilize. Sometimes something routine in daily life can even trigger an outcry from either of us…which is ironic because it’s such a melody with active toddlers who sometimes cry too lol. I actually randomly cry almost several times a week regardless since my body is slowly but surely subsiding from postpartum2. Yet because such a loss was followed by some interesting life lessons we endured while being in environments where we experienced racism, discrimination, and attempts at impeding on God’s glory, we never really took time to reflect on how that impacted us individually and for our generations. When your daddy passes away at the same moment you are hearing the heartbeat of your 2nd child (we were actively getting an ultrasound at the time of his passing), it’s a surreal experience. And when he was adopted (with so many unanswered questions about his lineage) yet you are his only biological child, it’s surreal grief. We are blessed to have sons to carry on his name and legacy, and we are still so thankful of his life and that we at least got to tell him that we were having another baby. I remember that day. We initially said we’d wait a couple more weeks to share the news, and God told us that it’s never too soon. So we did and he was elated.


While time has passed since much of this trickle effect of loss then attacks of ill-spirited folks, we are aiming to not allow negative¬†vibes into our space and we do our best to press through better techniques for coping, self-fulfillment, stress, improved communication, and the experience of true love. Speaking of which, we’ve learned that love is an amazing cure to it all. We¬†can’t let life happens deter us from continuing to truly live. Welcoming life’s lessons and always thankful.


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