Living (Y)our Best Life

Research, science, and social patterns show that we reach our height of enlightenment and creativity between our mid-30s to our mid-40s. No wonder so many amazing brands were created by many people who were not previously famous nor were they millionaires until they nurtured their bright idea. We definitely believe it as upon reaching 35 years of age this year, each day is filled with I really want to… or It’s time that we… or From now on, I’m… or Have you ever thought about… etc. We’ve recently become so much less prideful and so much more open to mentors who, in all essence, have what we desire. 


Whether that be a debt-free lifestyle (a marital goal we are actively working on), successful business ventures, better communication skills, improved goal-setting and execution, or just pure harmony and peace, we’re on a mission to explore life for all it has to offer. We’re learning to make decisions based on what truly fulfills us and no longer out of desperation, convenience, or conforming to a society that we are personally content with not necessarily aligning with. And also, no longer out of habit or generational ways of tradition. If routine hasn’t worked, then we are okay with trying something new.


Just to live a life of I wonder if or I wish I had or any other regrets is not something we wish to do – what benefit would that have when we have the desire and the acumen to put works along-side our faith and dreams. With the exception of filing taxes haha, we are free in so many ways. And we never even realized that until we started cutting ties with worldly obligations and chosen forms of slavery (i.e., debt) and really started to live more smart and realistic for the lifestyle we truly wish to enjoy. Because, after-all, life is to be lived and enjoyed. We are firm believers of that. It’s about our choices and nurturing our talents…fulfilling obligations to mankind and inner strengthening…knowing one’s limits and enduring sacrifices in the name of one’s ultimate pursuits and strides at being. Thus, we realized that we deserve to live our best life even though the formula isn’t yet concrete. We are still figuring out how, but each day, we explore new ways of learning, exploration, adjustment, and engagement that sparks our curiosity and stimulates our soul(s). 


We encourage others to have an out-of-body experience with their current comfort zone and try taking a new approach to being. Be unapologetic about massaging you inner joy and know that while change isn’t easy, hiccups always fade at some point… Give yourself permission to define what your best life means for you…it’s a journey we are outlining and each day brings a bit more peace, a tad more hope, and a renewed sense of belonging in this space…this unit of creation where we have every right to be living while we can.


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