Faith, Ancestors, & Generations

The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about…yet refuse to investigate. ~Dr .Wayne Dyer

It’s Saturday morning and we were just sitting here thinking about what our day will look like. Just hearing the waves from our apartment is enough serenity to bring joy to any spirit. Eid Mubarak. As Ramadan just concluded and I had the pleasure of experiencing fasting (for the first time ever) as I could with those special people in my life who practice Islam, I am just so thankful for God’s grace – even more thankful for sharing in their experience, even as a non-Muslim. Babe also fasted a bit and it was nice of him to be just as respectful to such a special time for many people. It renewed our spirits and allowed us to seek discipline in a way that we haven’t done so before. And besides, there was something extra cheerful about this last month’s season. I just wanted to say thank you to those who checked in on me and who prayed for us during this time of me experiencing something from my bucket list. It resulted in blessings that were so unexpected and we built new relationships as well. Maybe I’m more-so in awe because I’ve never done a church-wide fast when I was associated with Christianity years ago…I definitely knew that when it came time for me to partake in one for my own spiritual needs and my own surrender to God, I would know…and it felt right because I knew it was now the time for me. Blessed.


While visiting China, one of my fondest memories was visiting the Buddhist temples. While in India, I learned of the Hindi name that we planned to use our future daughter (still may). While becoming immersed in social media (to be sunset soon), we learned more about Hebrew Israelites (we had no idea) and now have conversations that are fascinating about different beliefs. Being in Africa has also taught us the power of our ancestry and it makes even more sense as to why many before us prayed to our ancestors. It’s evident that life began in Africa and we are already teaching our children of the importance of their ancestry and those who died so that we may live. Us all.


As a lover of culture and with respect to many practices that I do not necessarily believe in personally, I realize that one of the best things we can do for our children is to let them embrace life in ways that celebrates our differences, how the stars align in the universe, that encourages faith over fear, and that reverences our Creator. Because, after-all, there is only one Creator. One God. Our Most High. I, personally believe that the many stories that manifested after creation are, well, quite interesting. While I may not believe them all to be truth, we respect it none-the-less and will continue to celebrate life in ways of feeling the most freedom and peace with our faith. It’s also what I’ve always prayed for our children: that they grow a relationship with God themselves as our spirit never fades…


One of my favorite quotes is What you believe to be true – is it true? Or do you just believe that it is true because you were taught it was true and never looked an further? (author unknown). It’s one of my favorites because I’ve asked this question my entire life, and then noticed that it’s a quote online. It reigns true for anything actually. Fear often supersedes the obvious approach to be stagnant or worried. When in reality, I’ve found that just living their lives and welcoming growth non-traditionally is so freeing. Thankfully for us, we are confident in what we believe so it is even more exciting to experience what makes us all unique. We learned to open our eyes of what love, hope, admiration, fear, death, and abundance really means. And that’s what we must show our children so they can instill such values, morale, and ethics into the generations to come.


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