Raw Vegan Family Vitamins

Of course proper nutrients are best directly from fresh foods, but sometimes that just isn’t the case for us… In fact, it hasn’t been that way for years now. So we continue to rely on vitamins. These are the absolute best vitamins ever and were recommended by someone I met in the natural birth community back in the states. In fact, most of many of my go-tos are things I learned from a decade of volunteer engagement with that group. However, I, personally, have been taking a prenatal vitamin since I was in college because I went to an all-women’s college and it was recommended to me early-on…definitely thankful for that as I was initially a bit ignorant. Prenatal usually means anyone of childbearing age (puberty to pre-menopause)…but for some reason, I used to think (although most of society still often thinks) that it’s a special vitamin for pregnant women only haha. No.


The men’s vitamin is fantastic too. I’ve been buying it for him for many years now as it’s raw, vegan, and includes all that’s necessary for our bodies to flow and execute at a minimum. And the best part about it? He actually takes it and immediately noticed the difference in how he felt. It’s also just a fantastic option for men to get a whole foods-based multivitamin. And as mentioned in a previous post, for our children take probiotics that were recommended by their very holistic-friendly pediatrician. We aim to give them a proper diet and are thankful that they really do eat veggies and drink mounds of water. Thankfully, here in Africa there is so much freshness and where we live, there is no preserved vs. organic debate since most fresh foods are organic. We haven’t yet checked to see whether there is a children’s vitamin from the Garden of Life brand though…but if there is, we’ll aim to check it out for when they get a bit older.


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