Support Avenues

We’ve always been believers of informed choice and we definitely like to know all we can before making life-changing decisions or making big changes. Spontaneity is often okay too, but we aren’t the just-wing-it type, so mentors and the proper support is important to us as we’re definitely advocates of not recreating the wheel and embracing lessons-learned.animals-nature-tree-branches-71101We talked about financial generational curses that exist, but there are also ones of depression and solitude that can really be detrimental (we’ve be there, done that). It amazes us that most of those we should be closer to are the ones we’ve become accustomed to knowing little about, and those we choose to call on in a life or death situation aren’t even people we’ve known our whole lives. We used to we feel awkward about that since we are so fluid about our journey until we realized that God puts the proper people in your corner for different situations and needs. So we welcome that and have served from the other angle too.agriculture-ball-shaped-cooking-5808

As we come up on ten years of marriage and embrace our mid-30s, it seems as though our village was always special when it came down to talking about real issues and hashing out “life happens” while enticing appropriate solutions. Whether it be topics of inner struggles, parenting, finance, marriage, spirituality, health, etc., being abroad, it’s been even more important for us to have our village intact and our support system on stand-by. The art of listening and the manifestation of proper timing is so vital. It’s a true necessity and we are very thankful.


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