Six: The Number of (Wo)man

Today is my last day at this gig as the last few days I’ve used to transition out. It’s been quite an interesting experience – working for an NGO for the first time. Oh a journey… I am so thankful. Okay, now that I’m officially off the books, I have to give all my glory to God for allowing me to meet some good people. And I give the same glory for being allowed to witness and experience what unethical behavior and African schemes (and schemers) really look like…my laptop, business cards, phone, work permit, etc. have been turned in:


I officially have stories to last quite some time. While it was great for my resume, but it was also the first time I ever needed to clutch pearls sage at my desk because there was often negative energy and several ill-spirits in a professional setting. I wish I was joking. Hence another reason why I eagerly resigned prior to the office shut-down. Thankful for the closure of this chapter as a new journey is underway.


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