Generational “Curses”

Life is the greatest teacher. Many challenges and situations we find ourselves in are reflections of others within our lineage or they are very finite. People we are related to may have been in these same situations and perhaps have advice to give or share. Throughout our young adult life, we have learned how to take risks, and our movement &/or decisions have the biggest impact depending…we tend to learn how no not make the same “mistakes” twice.


It is amazing how much we have learned from people we have surrounded ourselves with that share the same vision. We have attempted time after time to give family and friends advice based on situations they face. Whether it is applying for college and scholarships, financing and budgeting, maternity care and birth research, job transitions and ways to get a more fulfilling one, etc. we found that people close to us either wants it handed to them or just ignore the fact that we do have experience in such and just want to help.


As a result, people dear to us find themselves in more debt, unhappy with their job, stressed due to lack of planning and just surviving the day. It was once said that if you are here just to be here, then it’s a waste of life. Life is to be lived and unfortunately, many people we love do not understand that concept (nor do they try to). Yet, we are blessed to have found new villagers in our tribe of whom we learn from, but who we can truly be ourselves around. We just aren’t into the material things. We aren’t okay with debt. And we want our children to be free, not in a bondage of what a government or society says…we aren’t with the fad of following the crowd out of convenience. So that alone makes us non-traditional and we love sharing out views with others.


I, personally, have learned some lessons the hard way. I have student loans for just an undergraduate degree while my wife went to school with no debt and only got a bit for a doctorate (which has been well worth it). For generations, our families viewed finance and opportunities in a different way. Our goal is to break these curses that have plagued spiritual, emotional, and financial growth. No longer settling for average continues to be our goal. Breaking these curses is not an easy task as our efforts may fall on deaf ears. And for people to be so faithful, we see actions translate to the opposite direction.


The Lord will make a way…I am just happy I have a job…Everything will be alright…I’m just glad my bills are paid. Yes, while these things may be true, it sounds like talk of bondage; like one doesn’t think they deserve even more than they have and true freedom. In fact, it’s so hard to even have a conversation with people in this mindset. It’s depressing and it often makes us ashamed at how our people choose to not dream and execute. It’s definitely a confidence factor. Freedom and peace is all we seek. However, every new lesson, whether a small win or not, makes this worthwhile because we have to think generationally…we just wish more people would join us in such thought. But until then, we are thankful for our new tribe overseas, as we are learning more than we ever knew possible. Exposure helps. <i>There’s something about stepping out of comfort zones and gaining¬†exposure


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