Social Media Update

As we began fasting, we discussed that we are on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat (never used, though), and YouTube as Life’s Humble Hunt. It’s been so great to interact with people we may not have otherwise met! The are some amazing beings in this world and we are thankful. But with our hopes and strides to live more minimalistic lives, and because we wish to live-in-the-moment more abundantly, we decided that our website is the best social media option for us. We’ll still have profiles on the others (but no postings) and will use that extra time & energy to remain productive in our day-to-day lives. YouTube was fun though, but it really isn’t us. We’ve been blogging for other a decade and decided that this medium still works well for us to have an outlet but still maintain our own lives away from the world.


Personally, we will continue on LinkedIn professionally and my husband will be deleting his Facebook account. As most know, we don’t put our children online because we are aware of the privacy standards that protect the outlets, and not the users. We do joke that if we did put our children online, they’d break the Internet as they are the cutest little exotic beings we’ve ever seen…handsome, curious, energetic, and perfect in every way. Oh toddlers…who knew? lol


Coming from a technology and data security background, and staying abreast of what’s abundant in the IT world in regard to standards, we understand that what we put online is owned by that domain. I’ve also been reading T&Cs and agreements more regularly and we are blown away at how candid they are. Often-times we just press “Agree” without reading. So we need to be more careful. Some forms of privacy are so important and as we are still learning our balance of sharing, mentoring, and teaching, it’s important that we proceed with what we are most comfortable with. We recommend you be careful too! We’ll be putting up more blog posts and look forward to corresponding with you via email, etc.. God bless and thank you for the love.


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