Resignation Submitted

A new start is soon on the horizon. So, in March, it was confirmed that the doors will be closing at the location I am (she) currently working at (U.S. healthcare technology company), so there will no longer be a Liberia office after June. As a director, I’ve known for some time that this would probably be the case as I had input into the decision and helped to conduct the analysis of whether this would be most feasible business-wise (my Doctor of Health Administration degree was put to work). And it is most definitely the most logical decision mainly because the Ebola funding from the most prominent donor has been dissolved and the options for sustainability was not guaranteed capacity-wise.


The option was for me to move to the Nigeria or Sierra Leone office. While this organization is in-line with my background and skillset, its dynamic does not necessarily align with my vision in a way that would make a relocation to another office most fulfilling for me and the family (and besides, he has his own career where we are currently and we prefer not to live in either of those countries – thank God for travel experiences). So in mid-March, I submitted my resignation – allowing for almost a three month heads-up in advance and lots of preparation time to consider what would be next for me. I really appreciate the opportunity to serve in my first director capacity…and while in Africa, so that is special. I learned so much culturally, politically, financially, ethically, and human resource-wise (on the stories I have…). I am blessed to have been able to build capacity as best I could while working at this organization. I am also happy that the local staff will receive severance payments and were given the head’s up in-advance. This is definitely an opportunity for a new beginning for all involved.



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