Defining your purpose: time…

…April 23rd will make three years since I lost my father. It feels like it just happened and I constantly ask myself what could have been done to keep him here?¬†Selfish right? This man was a living legacy of taking full advantage of borrowed time on this Earth. As a teen, he taught himself how to swim at the colored¬†pool in North Georgia. This was despite his classmates teasing him and asking him why in the world he wanted to learn how to swim. Throughout high school, he went on to teach over 40 classmates how to swim and several had stories of using those skills to save family and strangers who were drowning in pools. This man resembled what character, vision and love for mankind was about and always had a global perspective.
photoHis other fascination was learning how to speak and read Spanish. In two years time, he was fluent in Spanish and went on to teach thousands of people in Metro Atlanta the language. Two of his students went on to apply and earn United States citizenship. My dad encouraged people of all walks of life to chase their dreams and not to let circumstances define outcomes. We still hear stories of his impact and though his physical presence is not here, his spirit and foundation continues to resonate with people of all walks of life. This was his vision and how he attacked and welcomed each and every day. As we all continue to strive and live out our purpose, the hope is we are able to help and impact others before death knocks at our door…


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