African Egos & Power Struggles

From our experience and from our views…we never thought this would be the case…We must admit that we’ve never seen so many men as insecure in their own being as we have here in West Africa. From severely dampered egos to serious power and control issues, it’s evident that many men have expectations of the world that are neither valid nor acceptable…or maybe even not beyond their own bubble. It wasn’t until moving to Liberia that we saw people deliberately try to manipulate others in the most vindictive and conniving way possible, and then have the nerve to try and convince you that they are being truthful (as if their motive is not obvious). If you are not from here (like us), it will completely blow your mind…beyond…most certainly mind-blowing to say the least. pexels-photo-667200On a daily basis, we come home with examples about how people really…honestly…and truthfully think that we (or anyone with any type of morale) can’t see right through their games and lies. The fraud is real. The scamming is real. The I am Lion, Hear me Roar mentality is even more present. Unfortunately, no one would ever get away with that mindset/behavior/assumed prestige outside of this region nor continent. The world would shut that down really quickly (as we have mentally done). While we are sure many African men mean well, we learned years ago that not all stereotypes are completely incorrect…one must experience for oneself. As we continue to transition on this journey, we will share some specifics. But just know that we’ve met some men in Liberia that clearly need a hug, are obviously struggling inside, and would never get away with such behavior anywhere else in the world. In fact, it makes us even more proud to be American as we see where there is much work to do here. We have no interest in changing a standing culture, but we are so happy that experiencing the culture has changed us. Dear God are we glad…so we’ll know exactly what to teach our children not to become as this West African transition has been quite interesting.pexels-photo-267858


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