Journey to “Abroad”


We have been fortunate enough to travel the world before marriage and eventually found ourselves living abroad. Yes, moving abroad was always in our dreams but it always seemed a few years away. There were several specifics to consider including what to do with our home, cars, implications on friends and family we would leave behind, etc. if we did decide to move. However, the urge presented itself more and more in our spirit and we decided to take the leap. This was in 2016.


Since being abroad, we have learned so much about ourselves, children and various countries we’ve visited. How to be comfortable without certain everyday conveniences we once enjoyed and embracing culture, which comes with new conveniences. The food has been amazing and fresh. This experience has been priceless as our true network of friends and family has grown with this journey. Our children adapted immediately and have enjoyed every minute of freedom and a much slower pace compared to the that of the States. Since starting our Youtube channel, people consistently ask us how we moved abroad. Most are nervous to do it, afraid of the unknowns, think we are living in safaris etc. There is evident ignorance there (defined as an innocent lack of knowledge). We thank God for allowing us avenues to be able to show the beauty of various countries and share our experiences. If you’ve wondered about moving abroad and or the continent of Africa, follow us as we soak in the sun and rain and try to figure this thing out called life.


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