Liberians are African-Americans?

Liberia was founded in 1822 for the resettlement of freed American slaves. Its name comes from the Latin word that means “free.” The capital city of Monrovia is named after the U.S. President James Monroe, who established the Republic of Liberia. Much of the culture and foods from Liberia are adapted from African American culture.
(True or False?)

IMG_0841 2

From our view, it’s somewhat true. We were warned before moving here that Liberia isn’t the same as other African nations (true) and that there are some cultural aspects that are very much mixed in with westernized culture (somewhat true)…We do sometimes feel that things are either (not sure how to say this) an interesting “type of African” or a “not-sure-whether-American” in some ways. And as we are of both worlds, we’ve been paying more attention to this.


The foods are quite similar to what is cooked in South Carolina and I often looked at it as if our USA traditions came from Africa, but it could also be a mixture of such. Technically, since this is a land of freed slaves, that means that African-Americans migrated back here. Thus, the food here is a mixed of both African and African-American culture; hence, it can be considered African American food since those who came to Liberia as freed slaves weren’t necessarily Liberian…they were just being brought to Africa since their most recent ancestors had been taken from the continent. In a way, Liberia is/was a drop off spot…so technically, Liberians are likely from other African nations (ethnicity-wise) just the same as African-Americans. Just a random post as I indulged in the beans & rice made with palm oil…a definite staple to Liberia.


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