Importance of Fatherhood

For years, researchers and psychologists alike have focused on how important the mother-child relationship is on a kid’s life. Though I do agree, it has been a different feeling raising our kings. Perhaps it is the way of the world and how morals, expectations, and character continue to impact our culture. Growing up, my father spent as much time as he could with me. Teaching me another language, the importance of giving back, and respecting others. Countless days were spent outside either hitting the ball off the T when I was around four years old or him teaching me how to ride a bicycle. There were no gadgets, gifts nor luxuries expected as his goal was to express his love through spending time with me. At the time, I never knew the sacrifice he made to attend every after-school activity I had all the way through high school. Looking back though and with us raising two kings, my goal is to teach our children through spending as much time with them as possible.
According to research by Ronald Rohner (University of Connecticut), behavioral problems, depression, substance abuse and delinquency are closely related to the father’s rejection than the mother. Fathers, my appeal is for you to spend as much quality time with your children as possible and realize that most kids will cherish “time” and experiences over objects.


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