$10,000+ in Debt paid this year!

We are off to a great start for 2018! We are disciplined & more focused than ever. Excuses are no-longer, & we are getting better at budgeting. We will pay off debt this year and are praying that we stay on-course. Naturally, life happens, so we are not sure what may come up that causes us to get off-track (as there will likely be something), but as of now, we are happy to show our newest progress bar on our homepage. Every time we make a payment towards the credit card & student loans, we think ouch…but then we perk-up once we realize that as soon as we can finish paying these not-so-smart-choices off, the sooner those same funds can go to doing more of the saving & investing that we’d like to do [talk about living in-the-now, our 2019 goals are already written…God-willing].

Also, please note that while paying off debt, we also add to our savings, make sure insurances stay current (a must), contribute to the children’s college savings accounts, invest a bit (right now, in cryptocurrencies), etc. In all essence, we pay ourselves before paying any monthly obligations. As we are told on airplanes, put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. So we pay ourselves first and then move on to reality.

No longer is our journey something we talk about amongst ourselves…because, well, we wouldn’t owe debt if we reached out to others sooner. In fact, if we didn’t revamp this blog & join social media, we would not have had all the support that we have now. We really needed to connect with people who make logical, sensible financial choices, still live their lives, budget so that they can stay on track with their goals, & who are thinking generationally. Pride is out-the-window & we are happy to ask for feedback and best-practices as there are many folks who also realize the slavery of debt. We are not supposed to be in debt. Debt is not okay. You can get out of debt. We will get out of debt. Of course, the journey is ours and designed for our family’s needs, but it’s nice to have many resources available, especially online. We are celebrating this milestone!

How are you doing with your 2018 goals; whether it be financial or other?


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