Over the years, we’ve found that probiotics truly aids in digestive balance, heart health, mental clarity, & provides the body. Coming from an ethnicity & family background of stomach cancers, obesity, & delicious (yet not-so-healthy) food choices, it’s helpful that it also provides the good bacteria that the gut needs. It can also aid in alleviating symptoms that could be common amongst allergies. The best probiotics are the ones that need to be refrigerated & also ones that have the highest amount of bacteria you can find. This is the one I’ve taken for years as was recommended by a midwife (5 billion cultures of good bacteria, but the more the better):


Culturelle’s Probiotics for Kids was recommended by our children’s pediatrician to start when they turned one. It’s actually great and helps with any toddler digestive issues (as if their eating habits isn’t already picky selective), and also includes 5 billion cultures of good bacteria. It’s one small packet of powder that can be added to their cups.

Of course, the best way to add more good bacteria to our bodies is through proper nutrition. But honestly, not everyone eats a balanced diet, nor has access to fresher options. Probiotics are great supplements also for heavy meat-eaters, since not all of the bad bacteria in meats gets washed or cooked properly. The digestive system appreciates this boost and it can aid in limiting physical (dis)ease that can/has/may manifest in our bodies.


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