We finally visited Ghana!

We took a last-minute trip to Accra, Ghana to escape the Liberian Presidential Inauguration crowds. This was a fantastic trip filled with time with extended family, lots of play for the children, great cuisine, & many memories. This was definitely a trip for the books; we could barely snap pics & record clips as we were soaking in the rich history and experience. We booked the hotel through our favorite hotels.com and got a great deal (huge suite with executive lounge access, so we had food & drinks available all day)! We also booked a local budget airline that flies direct. Thankfully, our folks on-the-ground arranged a nice car & a fantastic driver for us as a hospitable gesture. That was such a blessing. We ended up only spending a few hundred dollars during the trip for nick-nacks, racking up on needed supplies for the children at the grocery stores where the expats frequent, etc. (thanks to family treating us to two glorious lunches and a delicious dinner too). We will definitely be back, God-willing. Accra was wonderful & we are thankful for being so welcomed – a few pics:




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