Sure, just shore

It wasn’t until recently that we realized Americans associate whether one should have hair with identity – male or female, in particular. It never occurred to us to cut our boys’ hair and so we haven’t. It’s never even been a conversation for us. In fact, we like that they are uniquely themselves and their demeanor is handsome and exotic. Last week, we noticed a post on Instagram where there was a debate as to why/whether a mother should cut her sons long mane. It baffled us. Do people really question other parents’ motives for their children? While being abroad, no one has ever suggested such to us but we’ve noticed that some family…have implied that our sons have hair – as if we didn’t notice 🙂

However, if our sons wish to cut their hair (or genitals…more on that in a minute) at some point, that’s their choice, but it’s never even been a conversation for us. Yes, our oldest’s beautiful smile, perfect eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and growing locs often make people ask “is he a boy or girl?”… and our youngest’s “man bun” and waves (like his mama’s) sometimes make people look twice while wondering whether he is a girl or not too. All because they have hair…the hair God gave them of which they are proud of and do not know any differently because they’ve never been stripped of it. They also haven’t been stripped of any part of their manhood as circumcising is something we also do not do. That was also not a decision for us. It was just a known. They remain just like God made them. It’s a beautiful thing. Our handsome princes and all children are special and beautiful. All unique in their own ways – hair or not, foreskin or not. We just made the choice that was best for our family based on our cultural dynamics and research. And that, too, is a beautiful thing.


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